Weekend scorecard

Two apple pies (Cortland apples picked this afternoon)

Six half-pints plus one Bonne Maman jar, about another half-pint but I guess it’s a quarter litre, hot pepper jelly from three red chili peppers Sue gave us, three long green hot peppers from Hannafords, two small sweet green peppers from the North Pine Hill farm stand, and one large red sweet pepper from Hannafords. The last batch of hot pepper jelly I made had a problem with the sugar crystallizing out, so it ended up like rock candy with jelly in between the rocks. We’ll see…

Two pints watermelon rind pickles.

One birch tree, about six inches diameter at the base, cut down with the chainsaw. The chainsaw started up easily in the driveway, but gave me a lot of grief starting out in the woods. But it did work, and the tree fell pretty much exactly where I was trying to put it. I cut it into logs and carried most of them to the backyard. Some of it should work as turning stock, and Arlene is thinking of what she can do with the bark.

A path to all the walnut trees cleaned up with a set of hedge shears. They worked great for cutting down baby raspberry canes, goldenrod, etc., that had come up in the path.

Ribbing plus one and a half pattern repeats done on the front of my Aran sweater. The back is finished, in just under three hanks of yarn out of the ten I bought. If the front doesn’t take more than another three, two each should be ample for the sleeves and I’ll be OK.

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