Anniversary party

Arlene and I just had our 40th wedding anniversary. We invited a lot of relatives and close friends up to Casco for the event. We didn’t have people staying over in our house (except for Anne, Matt, Charley, and Aunt Lee) but there were about 40 people here on Saturday.

We rented a ten-passenger pontoon boat from the marina down at the end of the lake. Joel took his kids and grandkids out on it as soon as we had it back to our association dock. The motor wouldn’t keep going for me when I took over the helm from him, and the group of people I wanted to take out had to give up and wait for the engine to not be flooded. By the time we waited for that we were seeing lightning over the lake so we decided not to go out. The heavens opened and it poured for a while (and everyone crowded into the house). The boat was due back at the marina at 6, and at 5:15 I decided it was raining lightly enough to go out. Four guests came along, and we took a short ride up the lake before turning around and going on back. Here’s me driving the pontoon boat, which is more like a floating patio than it’s like a motorboat.

Katherine and Tim (those are the parents of Salima, the recipient of that baby sweater I was making over the winter) had arranged a cake for the party. It was supposed to serve 40, but there’s lots left two days after the party (and that’s after feeding many of those people on Sunday, too). It’s from The Icing On The Cake in Newton. Arlene designed it, with a luna moth, her banjo, my trumpet, and other things we’re interested in. We were amazed at how well the cake decorating held the detail of her design.

As we were cutting the cake, I looked up and realized that besides the people in the living room, we had a balcony audience up in the loft. Here’s the view from up there as Arlene and I noticed them.

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