Right place, right time

As we got to the top of Mayberry Hill on our way to the house in Casco at 9:55 last night, we saw a line of cars parked along the side of the road overlooking Pleasant Lake.There wasn’t a house right there to be having a party, and it’s not as though that’s a place kids go parking — too much traffic. Could it be that they were watching the fireworks from Casco Days? I made a three-point turn, parked behind the last car in line, got out, and asked the driver of that car, “what’s the occasion?” “Fireworks,” he said. “Supposed to start at 10.” Sure enough! We were a mile and a half away, nowhere near as close as when we were watching the Naples Fourth of July fireworks display from on the Songo River Queen fireworks cruise (which I now see I’ve been remiss in not blogging about) but close enough to see all the rockets and hear all the booms — between a mile and a mile and a half away, actually, judging from the time between the bursts and the time we heard the noise. The show was over a little after 10:10, and by the time we made another three-point turn and went back in our original direction you wouldn’t have known anyone had been there.

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