Where are the blogs?

There are thousands (I don’t think that’s an exaggeration) of knitblogs on the internet, I mean, blogs that talk either mostly or at least often about knitting, what the authors are doing at the moment, patterns, yarn, and so on. Since getting interested in woodturning, I’ve been looking for woodturning blogs. I’m amazed how few I’ve run into. Most knitblogs link several others. if you find one, you can find a hundred within six clicks of the first. That doesn’t seem to happen with the woodturning blogs I’ve found; they may link to the American Association of Woodturners site, or Silicon Valley Woodturners, but pretty much leave it at that.

Are there fishing blogs? Fly tying blogs? I haven’t started to look for them, but I’m not really optimistic. Are there that many more knitters than woodturners, or is it something about men and women and communication styles? I suspect the latter.

2 Responses to “Where are the blogs?”

  1. Doug Whitson Says:

    I received your blog because I subscribe to google blogs. One of the key words in my request include the word woodturning and woodworking. I highly recommend trying this. I receive an average of 10 to 15 blog notifications and would say about 10 percent of those are of woodturning variety. Look up Darral Fremantel (sp) he has a lot of informantion.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Doug Whitson Says:

    Thought I would pass this on. 🙂

    Google Blogs Alert for: woodturning

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