Somehow, probably from an announcement or an ad in Rubberstampmadness magazine, I saw that Meer Image stamp company was doing a project “Stamp Naked” on nudes. We’ve met Steve Van der Meer, the Meer of Meer Image, at stamp conventions; in fact, he’s the person who gave us the name of the place we buy our stamp cushion from. At any rate, I sent him a copy of my “Wardrobe Malfunction” postcard, with permission for him to reprint it as part of the project. A couple of days ago I got a package from him, a “Stamp Naked” rubber stamp as promised to participants in the project. But better than the stamp was the packing material, a piece of newsprint that the stamp was wrapped in. Not any old newsprint, newsprint from a newsprint sketch pad that had been used in a life drawing session. Don’t you wish you could draw like this?

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