Deck Review

Just for review, here’s what’s happened to our back deck in Casco over the past month.

In late February, we thought there was a lot of snow on it:

By the beginning of March, there was more snow. Note that you can’t see so much of the railing in the front.

Last weekend the railing was broken. All the snow (really, ice that formed as the snow melted or was rained on and then refroze) slid off the roof and fell on the deck. When Matt looked he didn’t think we still had a deck. Arlene’s reaction was that it looked like the Titanic’s iceberg on the deck. The only damage I’m certain of is that the top rail on one end is broken and the picnic table is smithereens. Where by smithereens I mean:

Somewhere under the iceberg is the remains of a weber grill. I wouldn’t be surprised if the kettle part of the grill is OK, but it’s hard to believe the legs will be intact.

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