Tony Bird Concert

Passim, Friday Feb 8. We went early enough to have supper at Veggie Planet, the cafe there, which was founded by a friend of Charley’s — Didi Emmons (I think that’s the name — hold on a second — yes, that’s right) who used to live in the same building as his best friends in Jamaica Plain. Didi wrote a cookbook Vegetarian Planet which really made her name, at least locally. So the Cafe at Passim was originally hers, though she’s not closely involved with it any more, and named for the book.

We were seated right next to the stage, off in one corner stage left, and couldn’t have asked for a better table. Really, that wasn’t surprising considering how small the audience was, how early we reserved tickets, and how early we got there.

I’ve probably written about Tony Bird before. After the show, he came over and said to Arlene, “You have a really gorgeous voice. They should pay you to sit in the front at all my concerts and sing along.” That and the accompanying hug pretty much made her week.

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