RI Day

Zum Gali Gali Rubber Stamps was invited to present a workshop at a Jewish education conference in Rhode Island that was today. The conference was on integrating art into Jewish education. The keynote speaker talked about theories of multiple intelligence, teaching with art, and teaching by art. Arlene had prepared a big display board with examples of stamping on all levels from kindergarten worksheets to complex greeting cards and decorated envelopes we’ve received. The participants really got into it and did some good work.

The conference was over early in the afternoon. I had looked on Google Maps yesterday and thought I could find Watchemoket Cove. Sure enough, after one stop at a parking area way above water level, we got to a parking place next to the East Bay Bike Path and walked down the bike path to the water. There were lots of American widgeon (baldpate), a mallard-sized duck that we used to see all the time at Great Meadows but have seen only rarely in the last several years; three canvasbacks; loads of swans; red-breasted and hooded mergansers; and a big flock of scaup. Apparently a very rare gull has been seen around there, but we didn’t try to pick it out from among the large number of very similar ring-billed gulls.

We went back to College Hill, found a parking space near RISD, and went to the RISD museum. I qualify as a senior citizen for admission, as of just under two weeks ago.

I started to put rush on the seat of that rocking chair for the living room. Arlene is threatening to buy a Craig’s List-listed chair that needs a new rush seat, so maybe I’ll be doing a third one soon.

One Response to “RI Day”

  1. Judy Says:

    Sounds like a nice day in RI. I still have my rubber stamp. I would like to get some more sometime.
    Since you have the link, what are you knitting for the Olympics ?