FO – Oh Wow mittens

I bought a kit for these mittens at the Maine Fiber Frolic in 2006 — a year and a half ago. I didn’t start them right away, and I didn’t get serious about them until a few weeks ago, maybe after we got home from Pocatello. But winter is here for fair (the Portland paper said that Maine got more snow by Dec. 15 than in an average December total, and it snowed twice since then) so it was time go get going.

These mittens have roving, or really combed merino top, knit in every fourth stitch (except for that line on the top part of the right hand one. I’m not sure how I got off the track there – probably counted something wrong after the thumb gusset. The left hand is closer to how they’re supposed to look). The lining is supposed to felt down with use. They’re a lot like thrummed mittens, except that you don’t have to cut the roving and work with individual bits of it. With all that roving inside, I can believe that they’ll keep my hands warm.

One thing I love is the no-nonsense attitude in the directions.  She (the designer, Sarah Miller, Miller Farm, 1289 River Rd, Livermore ME, 207-897-6954) says, under finishing directions, “Cuff. These mittens are expected to do work…You do not want ends pulling out with rings or by snagged fingers with use…tie together any “twin” yarn tails in a square knot (yes!)”

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