Lots of Apples

We spent a quiet day at home Sunday finishing the jigsaw puzzle we had started the evening before —

— it’s one of those old Springbok puzzles with pieces so thick and precisely cut that you can pick the whole thing up when it’s finished —

— picking apples, because the ones that are ripe now will be past the time for picking next time we’re here; there were a lot, and there are a lot left on the heritage tree, and the red delicious and baldwin aren’t ready to pick yet but there aren’t many apples on either of them, but how about these? They look better here than they do close up; you can’t see the spots here, and I posed the good sides facing the camera. Many are fine for eating out of the hand, but you want to watch where you bite.

Notice the different colors. The heritage apples (in the two mass-produced baskets) are more toward orange in color and the macintosh (in the nice handmade basket we got in Orono last December) are more towards violet. My memory from last year is of the heritage being somewhat yellow, like golden delicious. I was very surprised at how red they are.

We tried fishing for a while at the Heath causeway but didn’t catch anything. The furnace guy had told us on Friday that his grandfather (I think that’s who — some ancestor, let’s go with grandfather) had built the causeway, piling rocks on the ice during the winters. They would of course fall in when the ice thawed. That’s a lot easier than trying to drop a big rock off a boat!
And here was part of supper. The brussels sprouts are from the Newton farmers’ market. Arlene says there were a lot of people walking around the market carrying stalks of sprouts like this. She didn’t know if it was because more people than we realized like brussels sprouts or just because they’re so interesting. The green pepper is from our garden in Casco.

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