L Hug

I had an extra good bike ride to work on Wednesday (Sept 12 — I’m a week behind posting this). Traffic was a little backed up at the end of Parker, so I went right on Dedham, down Rachel, out Winchester, and through Nahanton Park to avoid a probable backup at the Wells Ave/JCC light.

When I got out to Nahanton St, there were two bicyclists getting set to leave that little parking area on a ride. They were dressed like serious bicyclists, in spandex tops and shorts, and were on real road bikes, with dropped handlebars and skinny tires. I ride a hybrid bike, with upright handlebars and medium wide tires that will hold up on the grass and gravel paths through the park, or on easy trails through the woods when I used to ride through Prospect Hill Park. I called to the other cyclists, “I’d say ‘passing on the left’, except that you’d pass me in five seconds.” When they turned to look, one of them seemed to recognize me. Holy smokes! Carol Marton, Koleinu director! So we had a nice little visit (including a hug). “Are you living in the park now?” she asked. “Yes, in one of those shelters behind the community gardens,” I said. She’d like me to come back to Koleinu, but I need a couple of weekday evenings at home.

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