Charley at Cambridge Art Association

Charley is in a 3-person show at the Cambridge Art Association. He’s one of two photographers who are mostly showing nudes, but neither is showing much in the way of whole people. Charley has lots of close-ups that are obviously body parts but not clear on just what, and several multiple exposures or, really, multiple photos layered over each other. The other photographer has a couple of soft-focus torsos and lots of unidentifiable body contours that concentrate more on line — curves and edges, where Charley’s seem to emphasise the surface contours more. The third artist does sculpture with pencil points. Maybe it would be clearer to say sculpture with inch-and-a-half-long sharpened pencils, hundreds and hundreds of them in each sculpture. We’ve seen some of her work before, but this was the first time we’ve seen work she’s done with colored pencils. The shapes are abstract, rounded (albeit with a pointy texture!) forms that work well with the body contours in the photographs.

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