Anniversary Party

Katherine organized a surprise 40th anniversary party for her parents Sue & Richard for yesterday. She asked us to meet her at the Wellesley Community Center at 10 to help set up. Our timing was perfect; we had parked, taken one load of stuff out of our car, set it down by the door, and tried the door and found that the building was open, when she and Tim pulled up.

The Wellesley Community Center is a very nice little hall on route 16 in Wellesley Hills. There were about thirty people at the party. The room could have held twice as many people, but thirty was enough that we weren’t rattling around in it. There was a town art association show on the walls and a couple of pieces of antique furniture in the room (with a sign, “Please don’t put anything on the credenza.”) We put up a half-dozen boards with pictues of Sue, Richard, Katherine, April, and assorted friends and relatives. Food included appetizers from Costco, lasagna from Russo’s, home-baked desserts, and a cake from The Icing On The Cake.

The cake had of course “happy anniversary Sue and Richard”, with a flawlessly executed copy of two interlocking Escher lizards. Charley showed up to take photos of the guests and started by getting a couple of shots of the cake. I’ll have to hope he posts one somewhere.

Arlene had a wonderful time talking to former Newton teachers who had worked with her and Sue years ago.

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