July 4 wildlife sighting

We went to Sue and Richard’s (in Newton) for a fourth of July cookout. I was tapped to make pies, a blueberry pie and a lime chiffon pie, for dessert. The menu always features grilled kielbasa, which I never get any other time. It was a little too rainy to eat outside, though I was left in charge of the grill to do the hamburgs before it really started raining. The fireworks started ahead of schedule — we weren’t at the field yet when the first rockets went up — because it was darker sooner than they expected. Watching fireworks in a light rain wasn’t bad. A good thing that they started early, too, because it was raining hard ten minutes after we got home.

The highlight of the trip home was seeing an opossum crossing Centre Street, I think just on the Newton Corner side of the Cabot Street intersection. We weren’t sure at a distance what it was — Arlene said her first impression was of a 2-liter soda bottle rolling across the street — but we got a good clear look before it turned around and scurried back the way it had come.

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