Hmong bedspread

Several weeks ago (news flash! early May. The Fast Lane (= Easy Pass, automatic turnpike toll deal) statement says we got off the Maine Turnpike in Portland on May 12) Arlene found a bedspread advertised on the Maine Craig’s List. Someone had brought it back from Thailand years before but never used it. It looked like the Hmong stitchery that she likes. After many emails back and forth, which turned out to be complicated by the fact that the seller doesn’t really have email and was getting a friend to help with the posting, we arranged to stop in Portland on our way north.

The people selling it turned out to live in a lovely residential section of Portland that we had never been in before, in a condo in a renovated school building. The seller had been working in Thailand doing environmental law with some international aid agency.

Anyway, here’s how our bed in Casco looks now:

One Response to “Hmong bedspread”

  1. Chris Says:

    Nice bedspread, but what strikes me about this picture is the nightstand on the left side of the picture. We had a table JUST like this all the while we were growing up and our television sat on it. The legs were a little fanicier. An antique dealer told us it had been much taller and was cut down at some point.
    (probably by my great grandparents who thought all the “antiques” we got eventually were junk) In fact I think my dad still had the table at his house up until he died.