Progress pic

I haven’t gotten much farther on my sweater than the last time I wrote. It’s warmer, not so motivating to work on a sweater as in the winter, and there are more other things to do. But I am doing a little on it at a time, and the sleeves are about halfway up from the cuffs. I don’t say “halfway done” because of course half the length of a sleeve is a lot less than half the work.

Hmm, the shape looks pretty irregular. Must still be knitting that fair isle stuff too tight, because that seems to be what’s pulling in.

I will say, I’m getting better at keeping the yarns from getting tangled in the circular needles. Finally, after many many mistakes and having to pull balls of yarn out from between the needles when the yarn got twisted around them, I found that I have to put the needle UNDER the ends of both colors of yarn before starting the next part of the round.

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