Let’s see…

In the time since my last post, let’s see,

* our friend Sue came up to Maine last weekend. Richard was out in California, visiting their daughter on his way to a conference in Las Vegas, and she sort of invited herself. It was great having the extra company on the drive, and she did lots of gardening work, including pruning apple trees. She has learned lots about pruning as a volunteer pruner for Newton and volunteer docent at the Arnold Arboretum in Boston. So our apple trees are in much better shape than they would be if it had just been up to me.

* I made zaatar bread in Maine. Hannafords had a few things on major markdown when we stopped there, including a package of zaatar for a quarter. Lots of zaatar, maybe a pound, at least a half pound. I couldn’t resist, and then I had to use some of it. Sue was a big help in consuming it.

* I went out to Milford MA, about 40 miles southwest of Newton, for a shiva call. Naomi, who played piano in the klezmer band for several years, lost her 84-year-old father, so the current pianist and I went out there. The place was packed with members of a very large family, but Naomi seemed very glad to see us.

* OK, at least you know I’m still here…

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  1. G. Says:

    All good to know. BG