Distribution network

Oh my goodness, has it been that long since I updated? Yes.

What I wanted to say first, is that yesterday I was struck by how we had been interacting with the distribution sector of the U.S. economy at different levels. We were a little earlier than usual leaving Newton on Friday, so we decided to stop at Costco. On Saturday morning we went out to a garage sale, stopping first at the Casco AG to get a copy of the Bridgton News. On the way back from the garage sale we bought some nuts and bolts at an Aubuchon hardware store, and food for supper at The Umbrella Factory. Our last stop was what made me think about this. We were about out of maple syrup, so we turned off route 11 at a sign “maple syrup for sale”, parked in Sweet William’s driveway, and he got a half gallon of maple syrup for us from the shed in the back of the sugarhouse.

So, check it out —

  • big box wholesale club store
  • independent supermarket
  • one-room general store
  • direct from producer

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