From the Ice Mall

At the ice fishing derby / ice sculpture / winterfest event at Lake Sebago, there was an area for vendors billed as the Ice Mall. It wasn’t on the ice — a good thing for vendors who were there all day! — but rather inside a building, so it was actually one of the few places to get warm. We had a long talk with someone who collected antique ice fishing equipment — actually, when he waxed enthusiastic about how lots of his items were handmade in the ’30s by people who needed to put food on their tables, and how each one represented someone’s ideas on how to catch fish, I could understand being interested in them — and saw a couple of people we’ve run into at other craft sales in the area. We bought from two booths we haven’t seen before. One was a man and wife who were into different crafts. She made soap and pebble sculptures, mini rock cairns and inuksuks. He had handmade knives and bud vases, wall hooks, and pendants made from flea market silverware. Arlene looked and looked and settled on a bud vase made from a soupspoon and the handle of a table knife.

The other booth was run by two women with spinning wheels. Of course it caught my eye. They were selling some knitwear and roving. I got a two ounce ball of white finn x romney roving.

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