Trail Network

Anne, Matt, and I did more trail work around the Casco house. About a month ago they had started to cut a trail sort of from the far corner of the property back towards the house. Arlene and I lengthened it and then Anne and Matt brought it out to a monster rock near the left-hand edge of the property. Today we cut a trail from the middle of it back to the border trail and to the back of the house. Now we have a network of three trails, which we will call “The Surveyor’s Trail” (around the edge of the property), “Blueberry Trail” (their second one, because of a big clump of blueberry bushes in the middle of it), and “Rock to Rock Trail” (this new one, which goes from one big boulder to another).

Matt and I also, and earlier in the day now that you mention it, pulled down a big log which was caught fifteen feet up another tree. We had noticed it when we built the Surveyor’s Trail last winter and have been afraid of its falling on someone. We’re much happier with it on the ground.

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