Big mittens

… are what I’m working on. Anne at She Ewe Knits wrote me a while ago (after I thanked her for her web page of directions about handling long floats in fair isle work)

My favourite project — make very large mittens, loosely knit with 100% wool

(just the pull on type no cuff ribbing or anything — and felt them!

Then you put them on over your good gloves (that you need to be able to grip the wheel to drive with) clean off your car and let all of the snow go on your large felted impervious to snow mittens, and when you get in the car —

you take the mittens off and your hands are still nice and toasty warm (and dry) in your nice gloves!

So I’m trying that, with some leftover Bartlett Mills yarn from my first sweater and some leftover Lopi from Charley’s, and a very simple color pattern from Magnificent Mittens.

I used the ball winder that I got at the Newton Boys and Girls Club rummage sale to wind the Bartlett Mills yarn from its hank. It worked great! That’s right up there in the running for the best 50 cents I’ve ever spent at a rummage sale.

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