Weekend summary

We went to Virginia, about fifty miles south of Washington, for my step-niece’s wedding last weekend, taking Friday and Monday as vacation days so we could do the drive in two easy (hah!) stages instead of all in one day. I took 96 pictures, of which over 30 made the first cut, so I’m planning to do at least two graphics-heavy posts in the near future.

On Thursday we left here after I got home from work and drove to my Aunt Mimi’s house in Mamaroneck NY. It’s just off the Hutchinson River Parkway, which makes it very easy to get to. Mimi and Bert have lived there for fifty years — Bert says my cousin was the first baby on the block when all the houses were new, and she just celebrated her fiftieth birthday. I’ve spent a lot of time there over the years, including several vacations from college and the night before my own wedding. We got there around eleven and went to bed almost right away. After a big breakfast we left around 9. Mimi and Bert were playing golf at a 9:24 tee time so we all left about the same time.

Just for a quick outline, I should write about

Fredricksburg and the inn

rehearsal dinner – pictures
wedding itself – pictures

reception – pictures

the evening after

drive back to Mamaroneck
at Mimi’s

Bent of the river – pictures

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