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When I was a kid, shortly after World War II, “Jap” was short for, and something of an ethnic slur for, “Japanese”. Nowadays, certainly in Newton, if you hear that syllable it’s more properly all capitals and means Jewish-American Princess. There are lots of those at Newton South High and elsewhere in the Boston area, and more in the New York – New Jersey area. I haven’t hung around Southern California enough to know what’s hapening there. With upward mobility I’m sensing that there are also are Asian-American Princesses, African-American Princesses, and even White Anglo-Saxon Princesses around.

These young women don’t get that way entirely on their own. After hearing some stories about parents I have realized that there is another acronym that we need in order to have a full discussion of the phenomenon. You’re welcome to use this at your own discretion:

MOPs = Mothers Of Princesses

May you meet few of them.

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  1. I am friends with a MOP — the princess in the making is 4, and I’m not sure I want to see what she’s like at 12…because it’s gonna be uuuuugly!

  2. I think the term for me was BAP. Black American Princess.
    Having met a lot of JAP’s in college, I wanted a moniker too.

    Love the hardware stash story !

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