I’m not sure what date this belongs under. Two trips to Maine ago, that would be three weeks ago I think, we were in Hannaford’s supermarket food shopping when I saw something that looked like pancake mix on the shelf. The name, which I took for a brand name was Ployes. Buckwheat flavor. It said it was a traditional Maine recipe from the Acadians. I got a package.

It turns out to be a fat-free, sugar-free, sort of crepe. Ployes is not the brand, but the name of the dish. I think you have to have grown up with them, probably as an Acadian kid from Fort Kent, to appreciate them properly. Or maybe you need to cook them on the right kind of griddle at the right temperature. I’m happy to have had a batch, just as an experience in traditional Maine cookery, but the second time I made them I used less liquid, added egg, milk, and oil to the mix, and treated them more as pancakes than crepes. I like them better that way.

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