Peas and Beans

I planted my garden in Newton this evening. It’s going to specialize in legumes this year, because they have a pretty good record of working. Maybe there will be some tomatos later, but I didn’t start any seeds this year so if there are any, they will have to be from a flat of plants.

Anyway, for my records, here’s what went in. Starting from the side closest to the house:

Oregon Sugar Pod snow peas, one double row
Sugar snap peas, one double row

It’s late to plant snow peas (or any peas, really), but maybe not too late. Snow peas in particular are perfectly happy to have a couple of inches of snow fall on them when they’re six inches or a foot high, and everything I’ve read about peas says they like drizzly early spring weather. They do grow faster in slightly warmer weather than really cold weather, so I’m hoping to get something from this planting.

Now, on the other hand, it may be a little bit early to plant snap beans. They are supposed to go in after the soil is warm. If the sun is shining, I think the soil will warm up pretty quickly, so I’m willing to take my chances on them. Most years I’ve put in string beans after the snow peas are gone by. I guess I can still do that with the first two rows of the garden anyway.

Last weekend we were buying a few flats of flowers in Maine. When we asked when it was safe to put most plants out there, the woman said, “Let’s see, when will the last full moon in May be?” She says that’s considered to be the time to set plants outdoors. I’ve heard of planting by the moon, but I didn’t know it applied to setting plants out also. But the season should be a week earlier in Newton than Casco, and the moon is waxing gibbous now, so the full moon is very soon anyway.

Taverna classy french-style snap beans, one double row. These are some of the thinnest bean seeds you’ve ever seen. I guess if the pods are going to be extra-thin, the beans inside will have to be thin to fit.

Contender snap beans, the near side of a double row

Blue Lake snap beans, the far side of the double row that has the Contenders in it, the near side of another double row, and a sparse far side of that double row.

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