Back in Whole Foods

In the next step of emerging from the pandemic, I went food shopping at Whole Foods. In what some people call “the before times”, Arlene would go shopping there three or more times per week, buying what she wanted for that day’s meals. During the pandemic we have had virtually all of our food delivered, either from there, Imperfect Foods, or a delivery service called Mercato, which we used mostly to get fish from Captain Marden’s Seafoods in Wellesley. Today around lunchtime Arlene suggested leftover pot roast for lunch, which I nixed because I didn’t have any bread (right after Passover) to make a sandwich on. Then she said, “sometime later I’d like you to get some things from Whole Foods.” I said, “or I could go right away and get some bread to make a sandwich on.” So that’s how it worked out. The store was a lot the way it used to be, except that the salad bar wasn’t there any more, and someone had to direct me away from what would normally have been one of many checkout lines to a single queue along marks six feet apart.

I cut several sprouts of quince bush to try to root, following the directions from yesterday’s MOFGA presentation about rooting cuttings to make rootstock. I wouldn’t mind having a flowering quince bush in Casco nor grafting some tips of my quince trees onto this rootstock and having several quinces for fruit.

We walked up around the Andover-Newton campus today. I turned my “Pacer” app on to record the walk and found that I had taken 2442 steps and covered 1.06 miles doing it. The naturalized crocuses behind the president’s house are almost all gone by; you wouldn’t know that they had been there unless you looked carefully.

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