Koleinu update

At our rehearsal last Thursday one of the other basses in Koleinu was wearing the brightest red silk yarmulke you’ve ever seen. “Ron,” I said, “your kippah looks as if you stole it from Sean O’Malley!”

I’ve been thinking about whether or not I want to be in Koleinu next year. There just aren’t enough evenings left over in a week with klezmer band on Tuesday, Koleinu on Thursday, and a Koleinu board meeting one Monday a month. Then we started to practice a modern Israeli song, “Shir Eretz”, “Song of the Land” (and of course that means the land of Israel), which has a beautifully lyrical tune with the tenors and basses having the melody, and wonderful lyrics about the passing seasons and wildflowers. I was just singing there, listening to all the harmony around me, and thinking, how can I give this up?

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