On the way back from a rummage sale (billed as “indoor yard sale” at the community center in Waterford, we finally got to look at Naturally Fuzzy Yarns, the little yarn shop in the woods, in Harrison.

Jan, who owns Naturally fuzzy, made me a copy of the announcement for the Denmark, ME Sheepfest which is going to be on April 15.

The shop is a separate building from the house. It’s the second house on the right after you turn off route 35 about 2 miles from downtown Harrison. It’s the kind of shop where you park in a pullout on the side of the driveway, walk up to the shop, and about the time you get to the shop door someone is opening the door of the house to come over and open the shop for you. Unfortunately by the time that happens you feel a little obligated to buy something, but face it, you were going to by then anyway.

She has lots of Bartlett Mills yarn, a big selection of sock yarn, Cascade, hand-dyed stuff, a little Manos, a little alpaca, and a good stock of needles and other supplies. For a one-room shop it’s really remarkably full of merchandise.

Also full of bright colors! There’s a big rainbow of Bartlett Mills yarns hanging on sort of an indoor gable visible from the door. Most yarn shops have lots of colorful yarn on display, but this one seems even more so.

My stash is plenty big for the moment, and I’m expecting to get a sweater’s worth at the Denmark Sheepfest, so I had my sales resistance up to a point that I just got one skein of Bartlett 2-ply fisherman yarn in a dark orange. It’ll be plenty for another hat, and I’ll really do it to. That’s easy to say now — you can believe it when you see it.

As seems to be the case in most stores in Maine, you can’t get out without having a chat with the owner. Maybe it’s just that people around here don’t interact with anywhere near so many other people in a day as city folks do, so they have more energy left for each interaction. I’ve always felt that one thing about being on vacation is that I’m allowed to talk to people in a way that I’m not around Newton. That’s the way it is here all the time.

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