Brace and Bit

On our way down Main Street, Bridgton, we stopped in a store that has touristy stuff, souveniers, and antiques, something like Cornfield Trading (but it’s not field — I can’t remember what). I saw an old brace and auger bit, $3 for the brace and $1 for the bit. I have better bit braces, but for the price I couldn’t resist. My dad collected antique tools (see ATTIC, Antique Tools and Trades in Connecticut). The display I inherited includes a bit brace lots nicer than this. This one just has a steel handle, no wood, no chuck, and no ratchet for working in close places; but it looked as though it could handle a bit just fine. On close inspection the bit turned out to be 11/16, probably just right to fit a tenon cut in green wood with the 3/4 hollow auger after the wood dries and shrinks.

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