Web 101 – text editor

I already own BBEdit for my main computer (and laptop). It has all the features of TextWrangler, which is by the same people, and a lot more; so there’s not attraction to TextWrangler instead.

I liked the word completion from Text Mate a lot, and very likely would have picked it if I were starting from scratch. The completion for Sublime Text was just about as good, for this simple task, after I changed the configuration (settings, I should say) file to have completion-on-enter-tab or whatever it was — wait a second and I’ll open the editor, look at the settings file, and get it right — the whole line was

“auto_complete_commit_on_tab”: true

which wasn’t totally obvious from the help file, and a little long to spell out.

A big attraction of Sublime Text is that it is available for Mac, Windows and Linux with a single license fee per user, so I could buy a license and use it all over the place. That could be a reason to get it right there.

So, I guess the bottom line is, BBEdit chose me just by being there on my computer in the first place, but I will likely get Sublime Text also.

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