Roll up them sleeves

I have just signed up on P2PU, Peer-to-Peer University, to study web design. I’ve done some web design before, but it’s probably hopelessly out of date — at least that’s what my son, who works on the Harvard Extension School web site, says. So, I’m going to roll up my sleeves and start studying some of the links he referred me to, starting with the P2PU Webmaking 101 challenges. Let’s see if it can keep me out of trouble for the rest of the afternoon! And maybe, who knows, get me back into blogging.

3 Responses to “Roll up them sleeves”

  1. deanb Says:

    I forgot to give any interesting information about myself! Maybe you’ll find some in the older (and I mean older! I haven’t posted anything in a year and a half!) posts on this blog. I’m a retired software engineer, so you might think I know something about this stuff, and maybe I’m sandbagging after all. Mostly, I keep hoping that someday I’ll know something. I play trumpet and baritone horn, am learning piano, and generally would rather work with my hands than not; but I do like programming too.

  2. Algot Runeman Says:

    It is nice to see another retired geezer who has joined P2PU. I’ve been out for longer, but am glad I got involved with P2PU. It does seem that most of the Webmaking101 participants are at the beginning of their working lives.

    Nonetheless, welcome to the peerage.
    Keep us up to date with your progress.

  3. Chris F Says:

    Good, I’ve missed your blog!