Thompson Lake is frozen solid enough to walk on, at least in most places. We didn’t venture really far on it. There was a small village of ice fishing shacks near the far shore. People who (we hope!) knew what the limits were had driven cars and pickup trucks out on the lake. We’ll leave …

Aunt Lee Pix

I wrote in the Feb 22 entry about Arlene’s Aunt Lee making a big batch of potato salad. She was also knitting a sweater for her daughter Diane, from some eyelashy yarn Diane bought in Toronto, I think, in 2001. Lee doesn’t like knitting that yarn, (you can barely tell the knit side from the …

Bridgton Brook

This didn’t turn out like a real calendar picture, but for any Californians who happen to be watching, it’s authentic New England winter. It’s in downtown Bridgton, Maine, maybe December 18 ’05. The stream flows out of Highland Lake, past the site of the late lamented Magic Lantern movie theatre, and south to points unknown.

Claiming the mailbox

This is a picture I liked — or even more, I liked when it was taken. It’s from back in December, just after we closed on our vacation house. I’m putting our name on the mailbox in self-stick letters from Home Depot. Oh, that was the most snow we’ve seen there so far this winter.